About us

Every learning process always takes time. You don't always have the right book on hand, or you just have to do other things instead of studying. We are often dependent on where we can concentrate, and at the moment this does not seem to be possible.

Speech Memory takes a conscious step towards a freer learning of foreign languages ​​and the rational use of time for these purposes. A smartphone, headphones, and the internet is all that you need.

The idea of ​​learning foreign languages ​​on the go, for example with the help of audio courses, is not new. But I often thought that these courses were intended for the largest possible audience with everyday dialogues. They force you to learn material that wasn’t useful or interesting to me. With the help of Speech Memory I tried to fix this and give the user the opportunity to create his own texts with his own topics. In this way, the user can easily create, save and manage his playlists.

As a web developer by profession, I found myself needing to improve my English language skills. I was constantly having to use Google Translate to look up the same words because I would simply forget them. My goal is to actually learn these words and not have to rely on translators.

So, I asked myself a question, “How can I make learning a foreign language easier?” And the answer was simple, “How do we naturally learn a language, by hearing it.”

And that’s how the Speech Memory language learning system was created.